COVID'19: An Opportunity for some

April 17, 2020 • by Muhammed Rizan

Before that let me introduce myself.

Who am I ??

    Heyy there !! Thanks for being here.Do you know me ? No......then here it is About me.

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Why am I here ??

    Simple answer is To find my voice which was getting lost.My deep immersion on sharing words to others on topics that I loved, led me here.I am not much experienced well in the industry. But trust me,I wont be adding any kind of looose guesses about any of my topics here.What you read here will only be a result of my research on the topic both fundametally and technically. I am not trying to convinve you that I am smart,you can see faults and flaws on my language , bad vocabs e.t.c.

So let's get into the topic.....

    Covid 19, a pandemic that stopped the entire world on its massive spread across each parts of the globe .About one third of world population has been under social and commercial lockdown in the global fight against coronavirus.As of 17th April 2020,10:30 IST, there were 2,192,597 confirmed cases spread in over 210 countries and territories across the globe. With the number of deaths reaching 147,376 and the recovered cases being 554,525 gives us the fact how disasterly this pandemic is spreading. According to IMF,about $9 trillion output will be lost and can expect a fall of 3pc of global GDP,the biggest drop in almost a century. Also it has a critical impact for bussinesses (regardless of size) on their revenue,supply chain,operations,customer services,e.t.c.

    Despite of all the doom and gloom,there are bright(er) spot for some industries.Some companies have adapted the situation and reshuffled their production lines in different stretches.Let's see those sectors one by one.


    This emerging field,allows health care professionals to evaluate,diagnose and treat patients in remote areas over smartphones.Comapanies facilitating remote medical checkups, are witnessing a traffic bump as panicked Indians reach out to doctors over the mildest of symptoms.Massive usage of this platform for getting timely medical attention to as many patients as possible,not only hitting in the moment but it is fast becoming a part of daily life in the country.


    Video streaming services and online gaming platforms has witnessed a skyrocketing increase in user engagement during this lockdown period. In this ‘quarantine and chill’ period,people who have confined themselves to their homes are now finding ways to kill time from playing Ludo online to instagramming dalgona coffee. PaytmFirst Games which offers various popular games like Ludo,Fantasy cricket e.t.c had witnessed an increase of 200% in the userbase in April.Also Disney Plus, the much-awaited video streaming service from The Walt Disney Company ,did a smart and master move on launching in India during this 'stayhome' period.

Digital Platforms

    Total internet hits have been surged about 70% as people uses internet's virtual environment as workspaces,classrooms,conferences e.t.c.While homeschooling, parents are lifting our approach to the conventional education system into a new level by using various e-learning platforms like Byju's,Edukart e.t.c.As companies are trying to resist their fall in productivity, usage of various Video conferencing platforms like Google Meet,Zoom(before it had a negative impression on security),Skype e.t.c for working remotedlt and efficiently have been hit at its records.Also an increased use of digital means of payment in the last three week have benefitted the digital payment platforms.


    Government of India has assured e-commerce giants like flipkart and amazon that their operation wouldn't be disrupted due to the nation wide lockdown. Since the household consumers across the globe are turning into online groceries which inturn resulted on massive spike in orders for essential goods in the last three weeks with some reporting five times demand and considering its logistical operation,companies talks with state authorities to swiftly reopen warehouses in various parts of the country.

Drone Technology

    Drones act as an invincible frontline workers in world's fight against Covid'19 as for carrying out surveillance, sanitisation and to reach out to people, minimising the risk of infection for their personnel.Aerial surveillance helps track large gatherings, minimising physical contact, and monitoring narrow bylanes where police vehicles cannot enter.It is said that out of 20,000 drones registered with the government, about 450-500 drones are already being used all across India to assist different states and law enforcement agencies.

    On his book 'The plague',Albert Camus said "Once the faintest stirring of hope became possible, the dominion of the plague was ended."In times like these, hope can be a powerful source of reassurance. Many who are locked at home, others who are working to help and prevent the virus, also need the reassurance and the hope that “We shall overcome this.”

#stayhome #staysafe

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