Internship:Know What,Why,Where and When

April 24, 2020 • by Muhammed Rizan

Yeah !! You read it right... Internship,All you need know.

Here I will share with you a piece of information that I think I knew before I did my internship and also some realisation that I got after I did it.

Firstly,why am I writing this ?

        Literally,what a majority of students of my university does is study their textbooks, give their exams and collect their degrees.This is where our university fails.Our system lacks the skill based education a lot.I speak from my own experience.

So let me cover this article by answering the questions on the title !!!

Do you need an internship ?

      Yes.A big yes!!..But one thing,all internships aren't equally valuable.Some are worth your time while some are just dump shit.I guess you had googled many times about your college before you join there.You need to do the same research while applying for an internship.

Why you need an internship ??

Not all internships pay you in cash, they do pay in other ways.

   1. Know your Industry (obviously)

            As I told above,there is a large gap between your industry and your university's so-called traditional academics.One of the major benefit you will gain from an internship will be narrowing of this gap.While your degree will equip you with a lot of technical know-how and an understanding of your subject, nothing really beats a chance to learn on the industrial flow and see how extend that book learning is different from the ‘real’ world of work.It delivers you a chance to gain practical,hands on experience on the skills you have acquired so far.

   2. Networking

            It's your 'net worth'.No matter what career stage you are in, it is important to always keep networking top of mind, because you never know when the right person with the right opportunity could come along.Keeping a good network can bring some good news for you later.Internships train you to be a good team player and communicate in new ways to build professional working relationships with people of all ages.Networking is the best gift an internship can give you.Here is an article by Garyvee on importance of networking

   3. Get your foot in the door

            Internships are an awesome way to improve your chances as a job applicant and make you a better future employee. Employers often use internships as a recruitment tool to test out future employees and see if they work well with everyone else. The sweet part? In many cases, companies hire interns after graduation.That is if you did a remarkable job for the company during your internship,some 'music to ears' may follow you later.

   4. Know your plus and minus

            While doing your first hand experience,you can realise your strength and weakness both in your professional and personal side. Internships allow for feedback from supervisors and others who are established in the field, and offer a unique learning opportunity that you may not have again as a working adult. Embrace the mistakes you make as an intern and the many things that you won’t know.

   5. Is it in your line ?

             An internship can help you decide if a particular career is a good match for your personality, lifestyle, passions and goals. This way you can avoid spending time and money on training for a career that does'nt really suit your abilities or needs.

When to apply ?

             This is the most difficult part to answer.Having just two years of experience in engineering,I cannot say which year to do an internship in your four year course,but one thing I could say is that its very better as early as you could get one. It completely depends on what kind of internship you are interested in, your knowledge and skills you possess so far. It depends on your academic learning and self-taught acquired skills or knowledge as well. It will be great for students that earlier they start better it will have an impact. It’s good to engage yourself in real-world experience as much as you can so better to apply for internships as earliest as possible.

Where to look for Internships ?

             Here are some options, but these will work only if you have a (strong) patience to accept many 'no's.

   1. Personal Connection

             Go,knock at the doors of your personal network, be it your friends,your seniors or some guy in your family.This is the piece of cake to ask for your opportunity as they know you well and they want to help you.


             The bestestest option I will recommend you and where I got.Linkedin has become one of the most popular social media platforms to find jobs and internships with its new specialized features and the ability to connect better.

   3. Internship Websites

             There are various websites dedicated for internships like Internshala, Angelist,Internship, e.t.c.

   4.Your ol' bestfriend,Google

            A simple search can pull up hundreds of internship opportunities which can allow you to fine-tune your search further to get just what you are looking for.


            Cold email is incredibly important to finding internship opportunities. The concept is simple: you email a professional you don’t know, build a relationship with them, and eventually ask for an internship.

   Now what after you got selected ?.....

Do's and Dont's,during an internship

   • After you are hired,ensure the company give you an offer letter, if not, ask for it and ensure you are registered as an intern in their documents.

   • If you are selected for a paid internship,details of the payment should be clarified before you start working.

   • Always make your conversations with the team in a formal way and it should be in a professional platform like slack,skype e.t.c

   • Make a good clarity about the work given to you.Ask questions and doubts when things are unclear.

   • Always look for a guidance

   • Never be idle.Always do the tasks given for you on time and don't push it into the deadline

   • Seek & Accept feebacks

   • Contribute your ideas and suggestions without fear of rejection.

   • Take ownership of your mistake and never try to hide it with the team.

   • Though you worked on your assigned project,never try to take it to your portfolio or share it to social media without the permission,as it probably belongs to the organization.

   • Show gratitude to your co-workers who helped you and make a good connection with them even after you sign off from there.

   • Be a remarkable intern so that the company remebers you later and compares other interns with you.

   Sooo... thaat's it.Overall what I would like to say is that it’s really not about what you are going to LEARN, it’s WHO you are going to meet,make connections, build relationships. It is the only way. It is the only ROI of an internship.Good Luck!!!!

   Hope my words were informative and you could gain something from here.Please subscribe to get the latest of my articles... Thanks for reading

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